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Why Firantes?

Years Of Experience

Our founder and main guide has been working on this since 2011. He acquired all the knowledge from his father, who has worked in the mountains all his life. All our guides and porters are locals from the Himalayas and their profession is certified by the Nepalese government.

Reasonable Pricing

Our prices adapt to all pockets. We offer you a professional treatment and with all expenses covered for a very low price. You can compare if you want! Anyone who wants to add some extra service to personalize their trip can do so without hesitation.

Local Commitment

We work from the commitment with the local communities, everything goes through them first. We promote sustainable expeditions, our local workers are paid decent salaries and half of our profits go to the Nepali minorities. We can’t forget that these mountains are their home!

Packing Advise

You can review our post on packing to come well prepared. In any case, as soon as you book your trekking, your guide will contact you to advise you, and depending on the season, he will explain what equipment you need.


Firantes, you’re more than a trekking agency – you’re a gateway to local immersion. Your commitment to the local communities was evident in every encounter. From sharing meals with villagers to learning their customs, I felt like I was part of something meaningful. Your dedication to preserving Nepal’s essence made this journey unforgettable. Kudos, Firantes, for leaving a positive impact!

Cultural Explorer
Emily Turner

My adventure with Firantes was an adrenaline rush and a heartwarming experience in equal measure. Your guides were not just professionals; they were friends who ensured my safety and well-being at every step. Trekking the Himalayas with you was an unforgettable thrill, and your good vibes made it even better. Congrats to your team for striking the perfect balance of professionalism and camaraderie!

Adventure Enthusiast
Mark Davis

Firantes, thank you for not just a journey to the Himalayas, but a journey to well-being. Your meticulous planning ensured my comfort and safety, allowing me to focus on rejuvenation. From sunrise yoga sessions amidst the mountains to nourishing meals that catered to my dietary preferences, your attention to detail was commendable. Trekking with your agency was a transformative experience that left me renewed.

Wellness Seeker
Maria Gonzalez

About Firantes



We Are Firante!!! Are you passionate about mountains and adventure? So are we! We are explorers of the beauty of the Himalayas and we share our journeys and love.


Whether you want to climb challenging peaks, hike serene trails, or immerse yourself in the local culture, we offer you the opportunity to join our team of expert guides and nature enthusiasts.


We look forward to seeing you in the mountains!


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