Spiritual Retreat – An Inner Journey through Nepal

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Max Elevation

2,500 m


September to November
March to May

Total Duration

9 days


Kathmandu - Pokhara - Panchase - and back


Tour Details

Embark on a transformative adventure with our Yoga Retreat in Nepal! We begin in the vibrant Kathmandu, where we will welcome you with open arms and immerse you in its rich cultural and spiritual heritage. From here, we head to the picturesque Pokhara, a natural gem that will captivate you with its breathtaking landscapes.

The heart of our journey is the Moving Retreat in Panchase, the sacred mountain that will greet us with its unique spiritual energy. We will explore charming Himalayan villages, share authentic moments with their inhabitants, and be spiritually guided throughout this journey. This is not just a yoga retreat; it’s a journey that will take us to cover several kilometers daily, immersing ourselves in the authenticity of the Himalayas.

Each day, we embark on a physical and spiritual journey, exploring stunning landscapes and delving into the cultural richness of local communities. As we progress, we will practice yoga in inspiring settings, connecting with nature and ourselves.

In addition, you will enjoy a variety of activities designed to open your heart and purify your soul. This unique experience will allow you to connect with yourself and carry unforgettable memories with you.

Get ready for a journey that will nurture your body, mind, and spirit! Are you ready for an unforgettable adventure towards well-being and spirituality? We look forward to welcoming you in Nepal!

Price Includes

  • Pre-trip online personal advice
  • All permits
  • Bedroom in teahouse lodges during trek
  • Three meals per day during 5 days of trek
  • Government registered, well experienced, English speaker and friendly local trekking guide
  • Staff fees with all their expenses and necessary insurance
  • Welcome dinner
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu and Pokhara including tickets and transportation
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Breakfast in Kathmandu
  • Daily yoga and meditation classes during the trek
  • All transportations (private boat and jeep) during trek
  • Round trip vehicle from Kathmandu to Pokhara
  • Taxi service

Price Excludes

  • Nepal visa fee
  • Health insurance with heli-rescue and evacuation expenses at high altitudes (compulsory)
  • Any expenses which arise due to a change of the itinerary, because of landslides, political trouble, and strikes etc.
  • Personal expenses (phone charging, WiFi, hot shower, laundry...) during trek
  • Drinks and bar menu during trek
  • Breakfast on the first day, dinner on the last day of trek
  • Yoga Mats and Blankets
  • Gratuity (optinal)

You can add to your pack

  • Guide in your own language
  • Porter for the trek (20kg max)
  • Private room
  • Three meals per day in Kathmandu and Pokhara
  • Other transportation options (flight from Kathmandu to Pokhara)
  • International flight


  • Firante's gift
  • Customize your trip
What to Expect

In the heart of Nepal, the Panchassee yoga trek offers a unique blend of accessibility, natural beauty, and cultural richness. This brief journey allows us to explore the historical and spiritual significance of this region while enjoying its picturesque landscapes.

The Trek:

The trek commences with a mesmerizing trail composed of ancient, hand-carved stone steps. These steps guide us through a landscape that transitions from lush grasslands to dense forests, offering awe-inspiring views at every turn. While the trail predominantly ascends gradually, it presents moments of steep terrain that add an element of adventure to the trek.

Nature’s Bounty:

Panchassee is a treasure trove of lush vegetation, including vibrant tree orchids, captivating Rhododendron blooms, and a myriad of colorful flowers. This rich biodiversity reflects Nepal’s natural beauty, making every step of the journey a visual delight.

Yoga Symbols and Spiritual Significance:

Throughout the trek, we encounter Yoga symbols and significant locations where Yoga practitioners have found their solace. One such site is a rock, where legend has it that a sunray-like pattern appeared after Siddha Baba’s meditation at sunrise, offering a mystic connection to the spiritual heritage of the area.

Historical and Spiritual Exploration:

The region is adorned with ancient ruins and a meditative cave where wise men, known as sadhus, contemplated the magnificence of nature. This spot holds a deep connection to the divine feminine energy, reflecting the rich tapestry of Vedic culture.

Significance of Panchase:

The name “Panchase” translates to “Five Seats of the Divine Mother,” symbolizing a deep connection to the local people, akin to other renowned peaks like Everest, Annapurna, or Daulagiri. Panchassee’s cultural importance comes to life during the annual Mela celebration in November when sacred rituals rejuvenate the Earth, celebrating the Shakti principle.

Hidden Delights:

Beyond its cultural and spiritual significance, Panchassee has more surprises in store. Below the western summit, we stumble upon a tranquil, jewel-like lake nestled within the jungle, creating a truly enchanting experience. Additionally, the trek provides breathtaking views of Himalayan giants, such as Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre (Fishtail).

  • Daily yoga and meditation classes during the trek
  • You will be accompanied by a spiritual guide and a mountain guide, both renowned in Nepal
  • The Panchase Trek near Pokhara offers a unique blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and spiritual serenity
  • The summit of Panchase Hill, at 2500 meters, promises a dramatic sunrise over the Himalayan Giants for early risers
  • Panchase's serene environment and sacred history make it an ideal place for yoga and meditation
  • Staying in homestays in villages like Kalabang and Bhadaure offers an authentic experience and warm local hospitality
  • The region is rich in biodiversity, with diverse flora, endangered herbs, and a variety of wildlife
  • Breathtaking views of the Annapurna Himalayas, including iconic peaks like Machhapuchhare and Dhaulagiri, paint the backdrop of your journey
  • Trekking through charming villages allows you to engage with the daily lives and traditions of the local people
  • Kathmandu, where ancient heritage meets vibrant urban life, offering a captivating blend of culture, spirituality, and bustling cityscapes

Day 1Arrive in Kathmandu

Upon arrival at Kathmandu airport, our team will warmly welcome you and transfer you to your hotel for relaxation and settling in. Later, we’ll explore the lively Thamel district, an ideal spot for shopping and immersing in the local culture. In the evening, we’ll gather for a welcome dinner. This dinner is a special occasion for us to connect and get acquainted before embarking on our exciting adventure. It also provides an opportunity for you to address any questions or concerns with your guide before starting the journey. This first day in Kathmandu marks the beginning.

Day 2Head to Pokhara

Begin our day with breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning, we’ll embark on a 7 to 8-hour bus journey to Pokhara, with a mid-journey stop for lunch. Upon arriving in the afternoon, we’ll check into the hotel, settle in, and have the chance to take a stroll along the lakeside. Our retreat will commence the following day.

Day 3Pokhara – Khade – Bhadaure

Max altitude: 1,700m // 40 min drive, 3h trek

After a scenic 40-minute drive from Pokhara, your trek begins with a leisurely day’s walk through diverse terrain. You’ll meander through a serene forest, picturesque farmlands, and charming small villages, ultimately reaching the delightful destination of Bhadaure. Throughout this picturesque route, relish breathtaking vistas of the lush green hills within the Pokhara Valley, while the majestic Himalayan giants Annapurna South and Machhapuchhre (Fishtail) grace the horizon. Weather permitting, you’ll be treated to a panoramic view of the entire Annapurna mountain range in all its splendor. Recharge with a nourishing teahouse lunch, and stay energized with provided healthy snacks along the way. As the day transitions into evening, find tranquility in restorative relaxation and meditation. Conclude your day with a satisfying dinner, preparing for a peaceful night’s rest in a welcoming teahouse surrounded by the serenity of the Himalayan landscape.

Day 4Bhadaure – Bhanjyang

Max altitude: 2,050m // 4.5h trek

Embark on the day with a soothing morning meditation and an invigorating Hatha Yoga class to awaken your senses, followed by a wholesome breakfast to prepare for the day’s adventure. Your path today leads you through the enchanting embrace of a dense forest, where towering rhododendron, oak, and pine trees form a natural canopy overhead. As you stroll along this winding trail, intermittent vistas of the grandeur of the mountains peek through the breaks in the foliage, and the panoramic views over the Pokhara Valley add to the breathtaking beauty of your surroundings. During your journey, you’ll chance upon two charming, small lakes nestled in the heart of the forest, providing tranquil moments of reflection amidst the vibrant greenery. The terrain you traverse is predominantly gentle, with gradual undulations that make for a pleasant walking experience without steep climbs or descents. As you approach your day’s destination, Bhanjayang, you’ll be greeted by a magnificent sight, offering a stunning panoramic view of the entire Annapurna mountain range. Weather permitting, you can look forward to an awe-inspiring sunset and sunrise against the backdrop of these majestic peaks. Delight in a teahouse lunch, where you can refuel and recharge with healthy snacks provided along the way. As evening descends, indulge in restorative relaxation and meditation, a perfect opportunity to unwind, reflect, and appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. Conclude your day with a hearty dinner that satisfies your senses, and retire for the night in a comfortable teahouse, where the tranquil ambiance of the Himalayas provides a peaceful backdrop for a restful night’s sleep.

Day 5Bhanjyang – Panchase (2,500m) – Bahanjyang

Max altitude: 2,500m // 2.5h trek, optional 3h hike

Commence your day with a serene morning Meditation and an invigorating Hatha Yoga class, setting the tone for a day filled with spiritual and natural wonders. Following this, savor a fulfilling breakfast to energize for the day’s adventures. As the sun rises, you’ll climb to the Panchase viewpoint at 2,500 meters, where the majestic sunrise unveils the breathtaking mountain panorama, a sight that words cannot capture. This experience is followed by a visit to a local temple, the exploration of ancient ruins, and an inspiring visit to a small meditation cave, renowned in legend as the place where Siddha Baba attained enlightenment. Enjoy a nourishing breakfast at this serene location before descending back to Bhanjyang. For those seeking further adventure, an optional 3-hour forest walk leads to the sacred Panchase lake, a tranquil site where an annual festival draws 50,000 devotees. The remainder of the day is dedicated to relaxation and reflection in this peaceful setting. Throughout the day, refuel with a teahouse lunch and healthy snacks to sustain your energy. As evening descends, you’ll find tranquility in restorative relaxation and meditation, followed by a satisfying dinner. Conclude the day with an overnight stay in a welcoming teahouse, immersed in the tranquility of the Himalayan landscape.

Day 6Bhanjyang – Pumdi Bhumdi

Max altitude: 1,450m // 6h trek

Your day starts with a revitalizing session of Meditation and an energizing Hatha Yoga class, followed by a nourishing breakfast to prepare for today’s extended journey. This day offers a longer walk as we descend all the way to Pumdi Bhumdi. The trail takes on a narrow and untamed character, guiding you through a dense forest. As you progress, the path leads to a vast clearing surrounded by towering trees, providing a stunning view of Annapurna South. This idyllic spot becomes the setting for a relaxing break as you savor your packed lunch. The forest path continues for another couple of hours, eventually leading you to the open stone-step trail that takes you to Pumdi Bhumdi village. This charming village is surrounded by terraced fields and offers delightful mountain views from a fresh perspective. It’s here, for the first time on this trek, that you’ll catch sight of Annapurna III. You’ll have access to healthy snacks along the way to maintain your energy levels. In the evening, find serenity with restorative relaxation and meditation, followed by a satisfying dinner. Prepare for a peaceful night’s rest in a welcoming teahouse, immersed in the tranquility of the Himalayan landscape.

Day 7Pumdi Bhumdi – Shanti Stupa – Pokhara

4.5h trek

Begin the day with a calming Meditation session followed by an energizing Hatha Yoga class that sets a positive tone for your final leg of the journey. Recharge with a hearty breakfast to fuel your day’s adventures. The day’s trek is a gentle one, leading you along a wide and easily traversed trail that takes you through numerous small villages and verdant farmlands. As you draw near to the Shanti Stupa (Peace Pagoda), perched on a picturesque hill near Pokhara, a sweeping panorama of the Pokhara Valley and the glistening Fewa Lake unfolds before you. Here, at the stupa, you’ll relish a leisurely lunch while taking in the serene surroundings. Following this, your journey continues along a forest trail that descends to the lake’s shores. You’ll cross the lake by boat, offering a unique perspective of the landscape. Finally, you’ll be transferred to your comfortable accommodation in Pokhara. Conclude your adventure with a restful overnight stay in a comfortable hotel in Pokhara, celebrating the memories created during your trek. If preferred, you can join the team for a farewell dinner to talk about all the experiences we shared together.

Day 8Back to Kathmandu

Today, our journey brings us back to Kathmandu aboard a 6-hour bus ride, where we’ll savor a meal during the journey. Upon our arrival, we’ll check into the hotel, stow away our belongings, and then embark on a delightful stroll through the vibrant neighborhoods of central Kathmandu. Our destination is the illustrious Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the abode of the Kumari, the Living Goddess. As evening falls, we’ll dine in the vicinity, absorbing the local atmosphere. Finally, we’ll retreat to the hotel, allowing ourselves a well-deserved rest after a day of exploration.

Day 9Last day in Kathmandu

On our final day, we’ll start with breakfast at the hotel before spending time doing some last-minute shopping in Thamel, seizing the chance to pick up final souvenirs and soak in the unique atmosphere of this bustling neighborhood. It’ll be a perfect opportunity to once again appreciate the local culture and bid farewell to this charming place before our departure.

What is the best time to trek?

The best season for the Panchase trek in Nepal is typically autumn, which spans from September to November. During this time, you can expect the most ideal weather conditions, including clear skies, mild temperatures, and stable trekking conditions. Autumn offers stunning views of the Himalayan mountains, and the trails are at their best, making it the preferred season for most trekkers. Spring, from March to May, is also a good time for the Panchase trek with blooming rhododendrons and pleasant weather, but autumn is often considered the prime season for this trek.

Trek travel insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for the trek. All the trekkers must provide a copy of their comprehensive travel insurance policy certificate. The policy must cover medical and emergency repatriation – including helicopter rescue and evacuation expenses at high altitudes.

Trekking members are kindly requested to send their detailed insurance information after trek booking. In case of emergencies, we will be using the insurance policy and informational documents you sent us. It will help us arrange a quick and effective rescue operation, transfer for emergency medical help, etc. Please ensure that your insurance covers all costs incurred during mountain rescue service.

Before buying travel insurance, make sure to call the insurance company and recheck if they have heli-rescue.

Drinking water

We recommend you bring a container for one liter of water. In the teahouses we can buy boiled water suitable for drinking with which to fill our bottles. Another option is to refill the water from the fountains that we find along the way or from the tap of the teahouses themselves, for this we have to count on water disinfectant tablets that we can find in pharmacies.

About Panchase

Panchase, or Panchasse, literally meaning “Pancha” for Five and “Aasan” for Seats, is the meeting place of five peaks covered with lush green forests rich in diverse flora and fauna. This prominent hill overlooks the picturesque city of Pokhara and spans across the districts of Syangja, Parbat, and Kaski. This sacred journey is deeply rooted in Yoga tradition, with the climb itself holding immense importance. Along the Panchase trek, you’ll encounter various places of importance, such as the temple of Shidda Baba dedicated to Lord Shiva, Homekunda for the ritual of fire offerings, Panchasse Lake, Balaji Phachyan Temple, ancient Bouddha Stupas(around 200 years old), and caves where sages were believed to have meditated for centuries. The population of Panchase comprises nearly 100,000 residents, including Gurung, Brahmins, and various other ethnic groups residing in the surrounding villages. This region, with its blend of natural beauty and cultural significance, is a truly remarkable destination in Nepal, and the best time to explore it is during the peak trekking seasons of autumn and spring, although it can be visited year-round.

About our Yoga & Meditation retreats

Yoga is all about making your body, mind, and soul feel relaxed and peaceful. Now, imagine doing this while walking through mountains, lush forests, and stunning landscapes – that’s Yoga Trekking in the Himalayas. With every step, you become one with nature. Practicing yoga amidst the Himalayas adds an extra dose of refreshment and spirituality. In our busy lives, stress can pile up due to our daily routines. This is where a Yoga retreat combined with trekking in the Himalayas comes to the rescue, offering incredible relief. Our professional instructors lead yoga sessions mainly in the morning and evening.

Nepal, a land of mountains, vast landscapes, and rich culture, is a perfect destination for travel, hiking, and yoga. It’s like a piece of paradise, blending beauty in all its forms. Nepal has something to offer every traveler. Each day is a new adventure, filled with traditions, culture, and scenic beauty. Yoga Trekking is a wonderful way to explore both the external beauty around you and the internal beauty within you.

The combination of Yoga and trekking allows you to experience the diverse wonders of nature. Daily meditation and hatha yoga practice help open your mind and body while you savor breathtaking views of the spiritual Himalayan range. Walking through scenic paths, encountering alpine trees, and immersing yourself in the Himalayan cultures and traditions while meditating in serene surroundings create lasting memories.

During your yoga trekking journey, each day starts with an hour of meditation and traditional hatha yoga. This is followed by a delicious breakfast in the morning and dinner in the evening. Regular yoga practice not only soothes your mind and body but also keeps you healthy and prevents stiffness.

Various destinations in the Annapurna region, such as Ghorepani Poon Hill, Annapurna Base Camp, Australian Base Camp, Mardi Himal Base Camp, Panchase Trek, and Ghandruk Ghorepani, are ideal for yoga trekking. We tailor our yoga practices according to the destination, offering unique experiences that suit each place.

Firantes invites you to join us for an amazing holiday experience. Our skilled guides and porters will lead you through this mesmerizing region, ensuring your holiday becomes an unforgettable memory.

If you are planning your next travel to Nepall, make sure to explore our latest blogs and consider subscribing. Our collection of travel blogs offers valuable insights to help you better understand your trek and the destination you’re heading to. If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to reach out to us via email. We’re here to assist you in every way possible.

Veg menu

Our choice to offer vegetarian menus during our yoga treks is inspired by the ancient relationship between diet and the spiritual practice of yoga. Vegetarianism is traditionally associated with purifying the body and mind, fostering greater harmony and balance. We strongly believe that a plant-based diet is not only environmentally respectful but also provides all the essential nutrients for a healthy and fulfilling experience. Our vegetarian menus are thoughtfully crafted to offer a wide variety of delicious options that will tantalize your taste buds while providing the energy and nutrients required for your journey.

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