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Pokhara and Kristi Ranni



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Tour Details

Embark on a unique two-part volunteer journey that not only promises to be rewarding and unforgettable but is also designed to create a meaningful and sustainable impact.

First Part: Summer Camp in Kristi Ranni – Educating and Empowering the Community

We kick off our journey with a 10-day Summer Camp in the beautiful village of Kristi Ranni. Here, you’ll actively participate in educational activities with local children, building experiences that go beyond formal teaching. But our mission goes further. We are committed to making a tangible difference in the community. From initiatives to enhance school facilities to organizing craft workshops and agricultural projects, each action is intended to leave a lasting impact.

Second Part: Elephant Care in Chitwan – Contributing to Freedom and Conservation

As the first part of our adventure concludes, we head to the stunning Chitwan National Park to immerse ourselves in the care and conservation of elephants. Here, your direct involvement will contribute to the well-being of these majestic animals and the preservation of their natural habitat. This segment is not just a hands-on experience but a unique opportunity to make a real difference in the fight against elephant exploitation.

Amidst these unforgettable experiences, we’ll guide you through visits across the country, providing you with a profound understanding of Nepal’s rich culture and diverse landscapes. Don’t miss this chance to create lasting memories, explore the beauty of Nepal, and, most importantly, make a positive difference.

Paid Volunteerism with Purpose: Sustainability and Direct Contribution

We understand the importance of sustainability and long-term impact. By choosing our volunteer program, you’re not only embarking on a transformative experience but also directly contributing to sustainable progress. Funds raised are allocated to ongoing improvements in the school, local agricultural projects, and the provision of educational materials for children in Kristi Ranni. Moreover, a significant portion goes to the reserve in Chitwan, supporting efforts to ensure the freedom and well-being of the elephants. This comprehensive approach ensures that your participation not only leaves a positive mark on communities but also on wildlife and conservation in Nepal. We invite you to be part of this unique experience that goes beyond ordinary volunteering!

Price Includes

  • Pre-trip online personal advice
  • Basic Nepali lessons
  • All transportation in Nepal
  • Three meals per day
  • Accommodation
  • Government registered, well-experienced, English-speaking, and friendly local guides
  • Staff fees with all their expenses and necessary insurance
  • Sightseeings including tickets
  • All volunteer programs

Price Excludes

  • Nepal visa fee
  • Health insurance
  • Any expenses which arise due to a change of the itinerary, because of landslides, political trouble, and strikes etc.
  • Drinks and Bar Menu
  • Any activities outside of our planned itinerary
  • Personal expenses for additional food items, such as sweets or snacks, beyond the provided meals
  • Gratuity to guides and donations (optional)

You can add to your pack

  • Guide in your own language
  • Private room
  • Alternative transportation options, such as private jeeps or domestic flights
  • International flight


  • Firante's gift
  • Customize your volunteering experience
What to Expect

Get ready to immerse yourself in the cultural richness of Nepal, a country that boasts a fascinating ethnic diversity and lifestyles entirely different from our own. In this volunteer journey, the lesson goes beyond what we contribute; it will be an enriching learning experience. We’ll coexist with the charming community of Kristi Ranni and live the day-to-day life of Himalayan communities, gaining a profound understanding of their culture.

We’ll explore Nepal from end to end, guided by local experts who will reveal the magic of its temples, diverse religions, and treat us to exquisite local cuisine. Additionally, we’ll have the unique experience of living alongside wildlife in the jungles of Chitwan. With Firantes, a leading team in volunteer organization, and alongside our fellow volunteers, a safe journey and three unforgettable weeks await us. Get ready to learn, explore, and live this unique experience in Nepal!

  • Experience the daily life of Himalayan communities
  • Explore Nepal with expert local guides
  • Enjoy the exquisite local cuisine
  • Wildlife adventure in its natural habitat
  • Enjoy a 100% safe experience in Nepal guided by Firantes' experienced team
  • Discover that the volunteer journey is as much about learning as contributing, gaining insights into diverse lifestyles and cultural nuances
  • Forge lasting connections with fellow volunteers and warm-hearted communities, creating memories that will endure long after the journey concludes

Day 1Arrive in Kathmandu

Upon arrival at Kathmandu airport, our team will warmly welcome you and transfer you to your hotel for relaxation and settling in. Later, we’ll explore the lively Thamel district, an ideal spot for shopping and immersing in the local culture. In the evening, we’ll gather for a welcome dinner. This dinner is a special occasion for us to connect and get acquainted before embarking on our exciting adventure. It also provides an opportunity for you to address any questions or concerns with our team before starting the journey.

Day 2Bus to Pokhara and head to Kristi Ranni

Begin our day with breakfast at the hotel. Early in the morning, we’ll embark on a 7 to 8-hour bus journey to Pokhara, with a mid-journey stop for lunch. Upon arriving in the afternoon, we’ll transfer to cars that will take us to Kristi Ranni, where our volunteering experience begins. Upon reaching the village, we’ll be guided to our accommodation – two local houses thoughtfully prepared by the community to warmly welcome volunteers. These houses are exclusively for us!! After settling in, today is designated for rest following the lengthy journey. We may take a leisurely stroll to acquaint ourselves with the picturesque village! Additionally, a dedicated local lady will take charge of preparing our meals every day, ensuring that a warm and delicious meal is ready for us upon our return.

Day 3 to 12The Kristi Ranni Summer Camp

In the volunteering at Kristi Ranni, each day we will wake up to enjoy a delicious breakfast carefully prepared. Afterwards, we will head to the school where activities will take place from 10 AM until 1 PM. On the first day, armed with basic Nepali phrases from our pre-trip classes, we will introduce ourselves and initiate conversations about hobbies, also distributing the toys we brought. In the following days, we will participate in games and workshops addressing topics such as teamwork, the importance of keeping the environment clean, personal hygiene practices, and the development of individual skills, among others. At 1 PM, we will take a break for lunch with a two-hour rest period, during which we will savor dal baht, the typical Nepali meal that is part of the daily routine for locals. I assure you it’s delicious! At 3 PM, we will engage in community work, the nature of which will vary day by day, whether participating in craft workshops, collaborating on agricultural projects, or improving school facilities. At 5 PM, we will have free time, allowing us to rest, visit neighbors, or prepare dinner. Additionally, we will take charge of capturing special moments to create a video of the Summer Camp that we will show to the children at the end. We are sure they will love it. On the last day of volunteering, the local community will prepare a farewell for us. It will be an emotional and meaningful moment for everyone!

Day 13Sightseeing in Pokhara

Today, we’ll explore Pokhara! After enjoying the delicious breakfast prepared for us, we’ll head to Pokhara in cars. Our first stop will be the Tibetan refugee camp, where we’ll learn about the history of Tibet and its relationship with Nepal – a fascinating experience! The refuge, with its monasteries and crafts, creates a welcoming atmosphere. We’ll indulge in momos for lunch, lots of momos, at a Tibetan restaurant known for preparing the best. After lunch, we’ll visit Fewa Lake, cross the lake in boats, and embark on a short hike to the World Peace Pagoda, a monumental buddhist  structure with breathtaking views to the snow-capped peaks. From there, we’ll return to Kristi Ranni in cars, where our delicious dinner awaits!

Day 14Way to Chitwan National Park

Today, we’ll rise early and head back to Pokhara. From there, we’ll board a 5-hour bus that will take us to our next adventure: Chitwan National Park. Upon arrival, we’ll check into the hotel to settle in and drop off our belongings. Here, the locals will take care of preparing each meal during our stay. Later, we’ll venture to the river to witness the sunset, offering a chance to spot the first glimpses of crocodiles in the serene surroundings.

Day 15 to 19Elephant Care

Our journey into elephant care at the Elephant Breeding Center kicks off. Early mornings will find us at breakfast by 7 a.m., ready to dive into our tasks. We’ll start the day by cleaning the elephants’ corral, mastering the art of preparing their meals, and cutting veggies and fruits for them. Twice a day, we’ll head out to cut grasses and branches for the elephants. After a substantial break until 3 p.m., where we’ll have our lunch, we’ll resume our duties, ensuring the shelter is prepared before the elephants return from their jungle day. Upon their return, we’ll feed them and, if they fancy, provide a refreshing bath in the nearby river. We will have free afternoons, allowing us to roam the surroundings with the team to spot some rhinoceroses and enjoy the enchanting jungle sunsets, along with experiencing traditional dances of the ethnic groups of Chitwan.

Day 20Back to Kathmandu

Today, our journey brings us back to Kathmandu aboard a 6-hour bus ride, where we’ll savor a meal during the journey. Upon our arrival, we’ll check into the hotel, stow away our belongings, and then embark on a delightful stroll through the vibrant neighborhoods of central Kathmandu. Our destination is the illustrious Durbar Square, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the abode of the Kumari, the Living Goddess. As evening falls, we’ll dine in the vicinity, absorbing the local atmosphere. Finally, we’ll retreat to the hotel, allowing ourselves a well-deserved rest after a day of exploration.

Day 21Last day in Kathmandu

On our final day, we’ll start with breakfast at the hotel before spending time doing some last-minute shopping in Thamel, seizing the chance to pick up final souvenirs and soak in the unique atmosphere of this bustling neighborhood. It’ll be a perfect opportunity to once again appreciate the local culture and bid farewell to this charming place before our departure.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance is compulsory for every Firantes’ activities. All the visitors must provide a copy of their comprehensive travel insurance policy certificate. The policy must cover medical and emergency repatriation.

Visitors are kindly requested to send their detailed insurance information after trek booking. In case of emergencies, we will be using the insurance policy and informational documents you sent us. It will help us arrange a quick and effective rescue operation, transfer for emergency medical help, etc. Please ensure that your insurance covers all costs incurred.

Dal Bhat

Exploring authentic Nepali cuisine, we will immerse ourselves in the traditional local food known as Dal Bhat. This is an essential part of the daily diet in Nepal, and most people, especially in rural areas, relish this nutritious mix of rice, chicken, vegetables, and beans. While we will enjoy Dal Bhat most of the time, it’s important to highlight that this complete and balanced meal will provide us with the necessary energy for our volunteering days. So get ready to savor this delightful culinary experience during our stay!


In the enchanting landscapes of Nepal, our accommodations offer a blend of comfort and cultural immersion. While our chosen hotels provide a comfortable stay, it’s essential to note that Nepal is a developing country, and our lodgings reflect the authentic, rural Nepali lifestyle. In Kristi Ranni, we’ll experience the warmth of traditional Nepali houses exclusively for our group. Though thoughtfully prepared, these houses provide a rustic, yet immersive, experience with Nepali-style beds and bathrooms. Embrace the charm of these rural retreats as we connect with the heart of Nepali culture.

Toy donation

We extend a warm invitation to all volunteers to participate in our toy donation initiative. While toys can be used, it is essential that they are in good condition to ensure their durability and safety. There is no limit to the number of toys you can bring; in fact, the more, the better. This small action can have a significant impact, bringing smiles and happiness to local children. Through your toys, we will share moments of joy that will last long after our volunteering journey comes to an end. Thank you for contributing to making this experience even more special!

Kristi Ranni

We have chosen Kristi Ranni as the destination for our volunteer work for several fundamental reasons. Located in the breathtaking landscape of Nepal, Kristi Ranni embodies the essence of simplicity and rural warmth. Our decision to engage in volunteer activities here stems from the commitment to have a significant impact on a smaller community, where our efforts can make a tangible difference.

Despite its modest size, Kristi Ranni reflects a genuine spirit of community, offering the opportunity to experience unfiltered life in a Nepali village. The choice to stay in traditional local houses underscores our dedication to establishing a deep connection with local culture and supporting community-driven sustainable initiatives.

This choice allows us to go beyond the typical tourist experience, providing a more immersive and personal journey. By selecting Kristi Ranni, we aim to contribute to the well-being of this community, learn from its people, and leave a positive and lasting impact on both volunteers and local residents.

Kristi Ranni is not just a destination for our volunteer work; it also holds special and personal significance. This is the village where the founder of our agency grew up, a humble place with limited opportunities. By choosing Kristi Ranni, we seek not only to create a positive impact on the community at large but also to return to our roots and contribute to a place that has been pivotal in the history of our agency.

We especially focus on supporting and providing opportunities for the children of Kristi Ranni, recognizing the resource limitations they face. Through educational and supportive activities, we aim to leave a lasting impression on the lives of these young individuals, offering them a ray of hope and opportunity in an environment facing unique challenges.

Our commitment to Kristi Ranni is a testament to our dedication to social responsibility and making a meaningful difference in local communities. In addition to our focus on educational development and the well-being of children, we are committed to improving the infrastructure in Kristi Ranni.

We recognize the needs of the village and aspire to contribute to the sustainable growth of the community. Our goal is to implement projects that strengthen local infrastructure, creating a more robust and sustainable environment for everyone. From initiatives to improve school facilities to projects benefiting the entire community, we strive to leave a positive and lasting impact on Kristi Ranni.

Elephant Breeding Center

We have chosen the Elephant Breeding Center as our volunteering destination for several compelling reasons. Firstly, the center represents a significant effort to address the issue of elephant slavery in Nepal, providing an ethical alternative for the breeding and care of these majestic animals. By engaging in this project, we aim to contribute to the gradual liberation of elephants and support the transition to more ethical and sustainable practices in the human-elephant relationship.

Moreover, the opportunity to observe and participate in the activities of the Elephant Breeding Center provides volunteers with a unique experience to understand the lives of these animals and directly contribute to their well-being. Interaction with elephants, daily feeding, and care offer valuable insights into the conservation of this endangered species.

Our choice of this volunteering spot is not only based on the relevance and importance of its conservation mission but also on the desire to contribute to positive change in how elephants are treated in Nepal, promoting more humane and ethical practices in their care and conservation.

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