April is one of the most favorable months for trekking in the Nepal Himalayas. Everest Base Camp Trek in April offers you some of the best views on the route. April is the month when the spring season is at its peak, and vibrant and colorful wildflowers fill the mountains and valleys. The days become longer, and the temperature rises up. With increased daylight hours, one can stay on the trail for longer periods. April is also one of the best months to trek in Nepal, as some of the major spring festivals are celebrated during this month.

Advantages of Everest Base Camp Trek in April

  • Days are longer and warmer. You can stay on the trail for a longer period each day. No need to put on layers of clothes to protect you from the cold.
  • The trail is covered in rhododendron blooms, orchids, and wildflowers. Some of the plants and flowers found in the Everest region are not found anywhere else.
  • Spring is a great season for botanists and horticulturists to trek to EBC as they can observe some of the rare plants and flowers in bloom.
  • Opportunity to meet people from all over the globe. April is one of the popular months for trekking, and the Everest Base Camp trail is filled with trekkers of different nationalities during this month. If you love interacting with people, this is a great month to head to EBC.
  • April is mountaineering season, and you can meet and observe expedition groups heading to Mount Everest or one of the smaller mountains in the Khumbu Region.
  • Once you reach Everest Base Camp, you can observe the mini tent city at the base of Mount Everest, where expedition groups camp out for a month or so, preparing for their big climb. Many celebrities and renowned adventurous try to summit Mount Everest each climbing season. There’s a good chance of you encountering some of the celebs on the trail or at the teahouses.


  • Crowded trail.
  • Difficulty in getting flight tickets. Rush at the airport.
  • Have to travel to Manthali Airport in Ramechhap to catch the flight to Lukla. During the busy spring seasons, flights to Lukla are rerouted to Manthali Airport, which lies about 132 kilometers from Kathmandu.
  • Rooms at teahouses fill up pretty fast. It will get difficult to get good rooms if they are not booked in advance.
  • The prices of flight tickets get costly
  • Scattered rainfall and thundershowers.

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